As states reopen amid COVID-19, these guiding principles of government technology are more important than ever

Easy Access for Everyone

Can people find and complete all tasks online? How about on mobile?

Are there safe, self-service options for in-person customers?

  • Provide secure login off-premise, with full functionality on remote devices
  • Have no cap on users, so you can quickly onboard new staff as needed
  • Allow multiple teams to share the same source of truth for data, with role-based and department-based permission levels
  • Make it easy to locate specific customer records, and resolve issues from the same tool

Transparency and Trust

Is information easy for everyone to understand?

Can people find the information and services they need?

Do constituents know the status of their request?

Resilient Operations

  • What system security monitoring is in place? As governments make more services digitally accessible, information security should be a paramount priority. Robust security measures should include proactive, real-time monitoring, alerting, and response capabilities on system events that may be security-related.
  • Can staff learn software quickly and use it effectively? If there’s only one person in your office who knows how a system works, you are vulnerable to that system failing. We believe govtech providers should obsess over the user experience of staff-facing technology, making it easier for people to do their daily jobs and to onboard new staff even as older generations retire.
  • Can we upgrade our tech stack without disrupting service? As technologies and your community’s needs evolve, your system should be flexible enough to upgrade technology without compromising availability. Work with a vendor that can provide a consistent, unified experience for both constituents and staff, even as you replace outdated tech or bring new services live. For instance, we worked with the City and County of San Francisco to launch 20+ payment types in a few months, replacing a legacy vendor without service disruption, as well as bringing new payments online for the first time.



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