CityBase is Here to Support You

By CityBase

To the heroes in local and state government,

Our hearts go out to you during this unprecedented and uncertain time. As your communities look for guidance from the local and federal government, we want you to know we stand with you, ready to help you carry out your mission. You and your colleagues in government will lead the nation through this crisis, and we have the utmost confidence in you.

In support of your mission, CityBase has implemented our business continuity plan which involves all employees working remotely and maintaining all normal operations. We are well prepared for these circumstances and will not miss a beat. Many of the products and services we’ve implemented together with our clients make government more convenient and more accessible, and we hope this helps your communities over the coming weeks and months.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can help you with, or if there are opportunities to further leverage our solutions in support of your outreach efforts.

Thank you for being on the front lines and for your leadership during this crisis. We stand with you.


Mike Duffy
CEO + Founder, CityBase



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