What Government Service Delivery Can Learn from Netflix

The Netflix Model

What Government Can Learn From Netflix

Big data is powerful, but big data plus big ideas is transformational.

  • Link your citizens to services that are relevant to them. For instance, let people self-select if they are a local business owner, then display topics most business users typically are looking for.
  • Identify how your constituents interact with your site. Do you they automatically go to the search queue or go straight to the agency page that offers the services? Are some services more popular depending on the time of year, like tax season or the weeks leading up to an election?
  • Identify the services people search for on your site the most, and then prioritize those offerings on your site. You do not have to change everything at once. Rack up one success, and you’ll have an easier time gaining buy-in for your next project.
  • Build a platform that matches existing search habits. Your homepage should be intuitive to navigate and search from, like Google.
  • Allow people to set their own preferences for things like topics and services they are interested in, ways they want to receive alerts, and how they can save account information.

Think critically.

Strategy is culture, culture is strategy.

Raising The Bar For Government Technology



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