What utilities should consider when procuring a payment kiosk solution

What should utilities consider as they’re procuring a payment kiosk solution?

“Look for a vendor with a good reputation in the industry.”
Kim Kartchner, Director of Utility Client Development

“Consider how the kiosk can positively impact customer experience and company operations.”
D.T. Bosher, Utility Sales Director

  • Can a customer apply for a payment extension, a payment plan, and understand the payment amount due, past due amount, and reconnect charges due?
  • Will payment processing be in real time with customer payments posting in minutes?
  • Will the kiosk reduce PCI compliance ? What security measures are in place to protect customer information? Is data encrypted?
  • Can a utility limit the payment type for a customer paying with derogatory payment history?
  • Can you set maximum limits on the amount that’s able to be paid based on tender type?
  • Does the kiosk solution have a revenue management feature? Can a utility view the kiosk payments in real time, and void or refund customer transactions?
  • Can the payment technology support other payment channels on the same platform, like web and POS?

“Focus on minimizing the burden on the user.”
Rob Jurewicz, Product Designer

  • What is the main thing your customer is trying to accomplish?
  • Why did they make that drive to the kiosk in the first place?
  • How accessible is it to a person that is not technologically savvy?
  • If someone isn’t comfortable paying online, is the kiosk an easier alternative to use instead?

“Find a solution that helps limit the amount of customer disconnections.”
Bill Kennedy, Hardware Support Manager

“Look for a kiosk partner that will make life easier for all your customers, inclusive of their needs and preferences.”
Kassy Kozdoy, Proposal Manager

  • What range of accessibility does the kiosk solution offer to customers? Can customers make payments 24/7? How are customers with English limitations or disabilities accommodated?
  • Is the kiosk payment technology simple and intuitive? Does the platform allow customers to search and find their debts easily?
  • Can the kiosk accommodate payments for other utilities or government departments?
  • Is the solution PCI compliant and does this protect the client from security issues?
  • How is the kiosk solution integrated to the client systems and what are some of the benefits? Are transactions and account updates available in real time?
  • Does the vendor consistently upgrade the kiosk solution, does the vendor develop new technology and features, and how does the vendor handle minimizing downtime for upgrades and issues?
  • What kind of experience does the vendor have with implementing the kiosk payment solution?



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